Completing an Estate Plan is an important step in ensuring you and your family’s financial well-being and peace of mind.  However, maintaining your Estate Plan is just as important as creating one.  As life changes, so should one’s Estate Plan.  The birth of a new child, significant changes in net worth, or acquiring or selling real estate are just some of the changes that can have a dramatic effect on the structure and viability of your Estate Plan.  Additionally, changes to various probate, trust and tax laws can have significant ramifications on your Estate Plan even if your life situation remains unaltered.

In order to make it easier for you to make sure your Estate Plan is up-to-date, Littorno Law is proud to offer our Trust Maintenance Program.  For an annual fee, you will be entitled to an annual update of your funding and asset schedules, an annual review consultation, an annual seminar covering the Estate Planning Portfolio and changes in the law, a discount on services related to your estate planning such as trust amendments and restatements, updates to power of attorney, documents, and updates to health care directives, free notary services for any legal document, and a membership in our exciting new program, LegalVault.

Your LegalVault account stores your health care documents in an electronic database and provides you with a card to place in your wallet in order to enable your health care providers and loved ones to access your health care documents in an emergency.  In addition, LegalVault serves as a secure online repository for all of your Estate Planning, legal and financial documents.  This solves the problem of not having a secure place to store your large Estate Planning portfolio.  In addition, LegalVault allows you to store all of your online/website usernames and passwords to ensure that upon your death your designated successors have access to your online accounts.

The annual fee for the Littorno Law Maintenance Program is $750.00.  If we were to charge only for the time we expend to review, prepare, and meet with you at an annual review meeting, the cost would far exceed the annual fee.

I hope you elect to join the Littorno Law Maintenance Program.  We value you and your family.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Maintenance Program Enrollment Form:

Use this form to enroll in the Littorno Law Trust Maintenance Program.  Form may be found on our site under “Library” and then open “Forms.”

LegalVault Enrollment Form:

Use this form to enroll in the LegalVault through Littorno Law Group.  Form may be found on our site under “Library” and then open “Forms.”