For over 30 years the Littorno Law Group has provided the highest quality legal services to over 4,000 client families.

We formulate and implement comprehensive Estate, Tax, Probate, VA Pension and Medi-Cal benefit plans at our two Bay Area offices in Pittsburg and Pleasant Hill, California, and also in Rancho Bernardo in San Diego County, California.

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We offer free initial consultations and then develop and implement strategies to:

  • Prepare Living Trusts, packages of documents, and assist with correct titling of assets to avoid probate proceedings;
  • Assist heirs and beneficiaries with collection of their inheritances including real property, cash, stocks, retirement accounts, life insurance, annuities, etc.;
  • Prepare Durable Power of Attorney forms, Advance Healthcare Directives, Certifications of Trust, Assignment forms, Trust Transfer Deeds, Preliminary Change of Ownership Reports, and related forms;
  • Efficiently administer probate estates of decedents;
  • Minimize or avoid Estate Taxes, State Inheritance Taxes, Gift Taxes, Income Taxes, Real Property Taxes, Transfer Taxes, and various other tax liabilities;
  • Secure Medi-Cal benefits to pay for the costs of nursing homecare; and,
  • Obtain VA Aid and Attendance Pensions for reimbursement of in-home and assisted living care costs incurred by wartime veterans and/or their widows. We streamline the process of planning, providing the Veteran’s Asset Protection Trust, facilitating any needed asset transfers, application preparation, and processing to obtain the Aid and Attendance Pension for wartime veterans and/or their widows. Angela McGlasson— available at (760) 525-3140—is the Case Manager for the firm, guiding families through every step in the VA pension process.

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